Pumpkin Granola

Jan Scott October 17, 2016

This season we’€™ve been consuming pumpkin in a variety of ways that don’€™t include pumpkin pie. To be honest, I’€™m not much of a fan, and neither is one of my kids, so if 50% of our family isn’€™t into it, it doesn’€™t seem worth the hassle. Plus, I think there are enough sweet treats being passed around these days that we’€™re okay without the pie.

But we do love other pumpkin flavoured foods, so I’€™ve been adding the pureed gourd to plenty of dishes whenever I have the chance. Did you know that half a cup of pumpkin only contains 42 calories and is the equivalent to a full serving of vegetables? Not only that, but it also provides 14% of your daily quota for fibre. Basically, it’€™s too good to pass up, and the kids love it.

I started incorporating pumpkin into our mornings last year when I came up with these pumpkin and quinoa muffins. Vegetables and quinoa for breakfast? Yes, please! It was such a hit with the kids (and our SavvyMom readers!) that I wanted to create another pumpkin-based breakfast, and granola fit the healthy bill perfectly. This version uses no refined sugars, and calls for the add-ins to be incorporated after the cooking. The people in my house can never agree on how they like their granola so we start with a bare bones version and customize it just before eating.

Find the full printable recipe here: Pumpkin Granola

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