Sprinkles Make Everything Better: 9 Ideas for the Colour-Obsessed

Funfetti Biscotti

I threw a colourful, sprinkle-inspired birthday party for my two-year-old last month, and it was a total success. These funfetti biscotti stole the show (small side note: even The Today Show was impressed!), further cementing my theory that kids just can’t get enough of a little extra colour added to their sweets and snacks.

Whether you have a birthday on the calendar this month, or are simply looking for a fun cooking project or two that will keep the kids content, sprinkles are the one thing that can elevate something ordinary into a treat that’s spectacular. In my experience, kids never tire of decorating with sprinkles, and as such I’ve rounded up some of our most colourful creations for you to bookmark for future use.

multicolour sprinkle birthday popcorn

Birthday Party Popcorn:

Ridiculously indulgent, like caramel corn, but so much easier to make.

chocolate sprinkle banana popsicles

Banana Chocolate Popsicles:

This remains a favourite snack in my household to this very day.

easy ice cream sandwich pop

Ice Cream Sandwich Pops:

Store-bought snacks get a colourful upgrade. Perfect for playdates and birthday parties.


Baked Birthday Cake Donuts:

These are SO much easier to make then they may seem. Definitely a birthday party essential in my house.


No-Bake Chocolate Haystack Cookies:

For those who aren’t overly interested in “baking” these no-cook cookies fit the bill when a chocolate craving strikes.

Sprinkle Cupcakes in a Jar:

We’re still devoted to mason jars and think serving cupcakes in them is the epitome of adorable.

Marshmallow Pops:

A classic sweet treat even toddlers can make.

Fairy Bread:

Do like the Australians and serve sprinkle-covered buttered bread to the kids for the easiest most colourful snack you can create.


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