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Mummy Is the Easter Bunny


It’s funny how Easter sneaks up on us every year. Is it because we’re too busy outside enjoying the sunshine and cheery birdsong? (Or maybe we’re too busy shovelling snow!) But if you haven’t bought the family Easter chocolate, you still have some time.

Stubbe is an Ottawa landmark with legions of faithful fans (their chocolate-covered orange peel gets rave reviews) and Laura Secord is a perennial favourite (those cream eggs are big with our little savvy testers) but there are a couple of other great places that are worth checking out if you’re still in the market for some eggs-cellent Easter goodies.

Swiss Pastries
If you can make it past the stacks of pretty Easter napkins, cookies, and authentic hot-cross buns, you’ll find tables overflowing with imported chocolate and Easter-themed candies. It’s quite a sight, those rows of foil-wrapped bunnies standing sentry over the miniature marzipan animal shapes. All are reasonably priced, and although some of the items might be unfamiliar (speckled egg-shaped gum anyone?) you can’t really go wrong. Don’t forget to pick up some windmill ginger snaps while you’re there. They are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. (And ginger is good for us, right?)

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