26 Sinful Chocolate Easter Recipes

SavvyMom April 25, 2016
Chocolate Easter Bunny and Candy

People celebrate Easter in all kinds of ways, but the most popular ingredient of the season is undoubtedly chocolate. Everybody loves it and everybody embraces it this time of year.

That’s why we gathered together Sinful Easter Chocolate Recipes from our bloggers—just for you. They make a great activity to do with the kids and provide you with the perfect treat to bring to your Easter celebration this year.

Easter Nest Cookies
These Easter nests couldn’t be cuter—or easier to assemble. Enlist your mini sous chefs to help with the final—and most fun—step: pressing M&M’s into the cookies.
Chocolate Avocado Pudding 
Don’t let the inclusion of our favourite spreadable fruit turn you off this chocolate pudding—it tastes exactly like the homemade chocolate pudding of your youth, minus the sugar, heavy cream, eggs, and other less-than-good-for-you ingredients.


Got a chocolate craving? We’ve got Sinful Chocolate Easter Recipes that satisfy.

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